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You can add executives or other company leaders to the top of News Feed so that their posts are more likely to be seen first. When you promote an employee's posts it will make that person's posts likelier appear at the top of News Feed for all users in an instance.
Promote a user's post in News Feed
  1. From your News Feed, click Admin Panel in the left menu.
  2. Click People.
  3. Click next to Edit People at the top right of the page and select Promote Posts in News Feed.
  4. Type the name or email of the employee whose posts should be seen first, then click Done.
When you promote someone's posts, everyone in your Workplace will automatically become a follower of that user.
Note: You must be an admin to promote a user's post in News Feed.
Turn off post promotion for a user
Select next to the person's name and select Set post preferences.
  1. From the pop-up, toggle off Promote posts in Feed.
  2. Select Confirm.
When you turn off post promotion for a user, the followers that were added by promoting their posts will not be removed.
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