Payer Protection

The security and privacy of your payment information is a top priority. We want to help you understand how we protect your payment information, and the programs we have in place in case you need help.
1. Securing Your Info2. Our Anti-Fraud Specialists3. Help When You Need It
1. Securing Your Info
We take extra steps for your protection.
We keep your financial info on secured servers, and take extra steps to protect this info from hackers.
  • We establish an encrypted connection with your browser that uses sophisticated security technology. This helps protect your payment info as it’s being transferred to Workplace.
  • Our servers have multiple layers of hardware and software protection. Access to this data on our servers is extremely limited and monitored at all times.
  • No one can see your whole credit card number or PayPal password on Workplace after you enter it, even with your password.
  • We never share your payment information with other users, and it doesn’t appear on your public profile. In fact, we don’t even share your full info with those you’re paying.
2. Our Anti-Fraud Specialists
We're on the lookout for suspicious activity.
Our world-class anti-fraud specialists monitor every purchase made on Workplace.
  • Our sophisticated computer models analyze hundreds of details of every payment to help our specialists block fraud and recognize when payment information has been stolen.
  • In the rare case that we find fraudulent activity on your account, we’ll work with you to secure your account again, and help you take any necessary steps to remove the fraudulent charge.
3. Help When You Need It
If anything goes wrong, we’re here for you.
If there’s a problem, we’re here to listen and do everything we can to fix it.
  • We work with our partners, developers and merchants to help speed up resolution of any problems that come up. They probably have more detailed information and can often resolve your issue.
  • If you don’t receive what you paid for, or you aren’t satisfied with their response, you can contact us and we’ll work with you to make sure the problem is solved.
We're Here to Help
Have questions about payments on Workplace? Contact our support team any time.