Activate your Workplace account

The way you activate your Workplace account depends on how your admin has added you.
For example, if your admin has added you by email address, you will receive an email from Workplace inviting you to claim your account, but if your admin adds you by mobile number then you will receive a text message.
The activation message will include either a unique claim URL or will direct you to the sign-in page (if your organization has enabled SSO).
When accessed, Workplace will take you through the following steps:
  1. Accept terms and confirm profile details.
    • Depending on your organization’s settings, you may be asked to accept your company’s Terms of Use, as well as check, complete or amend your profile details.
  2. Set a password.
    • Unless you sign in using SSO, you will be asked to set a password. Read our password policies.
  3. Choose groups to join.
    • You’ll be able to choose groups to be a member of from a default selection, or search for a specific group.
You’ll then be able to start using Workplace.

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