Workplace Core plan: explained

There is one Workplace Core plan, with optional Add-ons.
You will be billed monthly based on the number of people invited to your Workplace. You will be charged in US dollars (USD) unless you pay for Workplace with another supported currency.
Visit the Workplace pricing page to try Workplace for free for 30 days, and to put your plan together.

Workplace Core explained

Workplace Core costs from $4 per user, per month.
Workplace Core included the following features for all users:
Infographic showing classic features for Workplace Core, including Communications, Engagement, Live Video, Ease of Use, Administration and Customer support
Tick symbolCommunications: Create an unlimited number of Workplace Groups, manage crisis situations with Safety Center, create an intranet with Knowledge Library, and more.
Tick symbolEngagement: Provide different ways for people to interact. Send quick polls in posts and Workplace Chat, conduct surveys, allow comments and reactions to posts, and get measurable insights with advanced analytics.
Tick symbolLive Video: Broadcast to everyone in your Workplace with included accessibility features, such as automatic captioning and playback speed control.
Tick symbolEase of Use: Connect everyone you need to on Workplace. You can integrate with Azure and Google platforms, and add users without a business email address to your Workplace.
Tick symbolAdministration: Manage people and content, verify compliance and enable single sign-on (SSO).
Tick symbolCustomer support: Submit support tickets and get real-time support from Workplace experts by phone or Workplace Chat.

Optional Add-ons

You can upgrade your Workplace plan from an additional $2 per user, per month.
Plus symbolEnhanced admin and support ($2 per user, per month) such as more sign-in options for your Workplace and responses from the Support team within 4 hours.
Plus symbolEnterprise Live ($2 per user, per month), which lets you stream events to large audiences while reducing the impact on your network.

What's a billable user?

A billable user is someone who has been invited to your Workplace and has moved from provisioned/awaiting invite to invited.
Image showing the difference between billable and non-billable users. As soon as users have been invited to your Workplace, they become a billable user.

Choosing your Workplace plan

Visit the Workplace pricing page to put together your plan.

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