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This advice is for logging in on Workplace. If you're trying to log into Facebook, visit Log into your Facebook account.

Log into your Workplace account on your computer

  1. Go to a Workplace login page. You can find this by either:
    • Going to your organization’s Workplace URL. If you’re not sure what this is, you could click a link in an email from Workplace. Remember that emails sent by Workplace will originate from the domain fbworkmail.com.
    • Going to workplace.com and clicking Log in at the top. You can also find this page here.
  2. You may be asked whether you want to log in with SSO or your email address. If you click Log in with SSO and SSO has been enabled for your organization, you will be able to log in with details you use for other work tools.
  3. Enter your work email address and click Continue.
    • If your organization has enabled SSO, at this point you will log in via SSO.
  4. Enter your password and click Log in.
If you don’t have an email address attached to your Workplace account, your admin may provide you with an access code.

If you're having a problem logging in

Find out what to do if you can’t log into Workplace or if your Workplace account is disabled.

Log in with Find your Workplace

This login option is only available on the Workplace app.
If your organization has enabled single sign-on (SSO), you can log into your Workplace account without your work email address:
  1. Open the Workplace app and tap Log In.
  2. Tap Find your Workplace.
  3. Enter your organization’s Workplace subdomain to complete the URL. If you don’t know this, ask your Workplace admin.
  4. Log in using your SSO information.

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